Best immunity-boosting products to bolster your body’s defences

“It is health that is real wealth”, Mahatma Gandhi famously said.

Gandhi, ever the philosopher, was bang on. But while wealth and health are separate entities, they can go hand in hand. Just look at the booming wellness economy, estimated to be worth $77bn (£62bn) in 2022.

Whether its a practitioner or product, we are finding more solutions, supplements and sources to boost our wellbeing every day.

The essence of that wellbeing is our immunity, a system that uses white blood cells (among many other things) to fight toxins that enter the body. “The internal body is not a sterile place, it has a buzzing community of fungi, bacteria, parasites and viruses,” explains health and wellness expert Marie Reynolds. “It is when they couple up and become imbalanced we have an issue.”

This imbalance can often come in the form of pathogens (micro-organisms that can produce disease) which surround us. They are in our food, our drink, our products and even our air; how we feel is how we ingest, process and expel those pathogens. “Immunity depends on how well our bodies can get rid of toxicity,” concludes Reynolds.

There are so many simple, proactive steps you can take to minimise pathogen intake; cut out dairy (a mucus forming food group loaded with baddies), incorporate dry brushing into your bath-time ritual or simply amp up your intake of ginger, lemon and manuka honey tea. Hello, Gwyneth? You can retire now, thanks.

For those that do want to do more than a herbal infusion or long bath, brands – particularly beauty and wellbeing brands – have a plethora of products that promise to kill your germs, perk your mood and suppress any symptoms. From the scientific to the holistic, here are our top product picks to boost your immunity.

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The verdict: Immunity-boosting products

Be it sprays, salts, supplements or sculptors, immune-boosting products come in many forms. While nothing can replace a healthy diet, regular exercise and frequent hydration, it doesn’t hurt to strengthen your systems with some immunity support. While Marie Reynolds liver rescue supplements will help more than 500 processes of elimination and purification in the body, a few defence drops from The Nue or Dyson’s state-of-the-art air purifier will all reap healthier, cleaner, immune-boosting rewards.

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