Emergency Repairs

One emergency repair that may be necessary in this area is overflowing toilets. Most of them have a shut-off valve on a pipe beneath or behind them so that the water supply can be turned off while repairs are made, either by removing a clog or repairing a broken mechanism.

Homeowner Services

Home Repair

If so, it is time for you to call the home repair professionals from Mr. Handyman. We can save you time and money by coming to your house and performing all of the fixes that have been accumulating on your to-do list. We are your one-call solution for all of the projects you need done around your house-and we provide workmanship you can trust. The WorkPro 199 Piece Home Repair Tool Kit reminds me of a doctor’s home visit bag.

Roof repair, accessibility ramp construction, structural floor repair and weatherization are common projects. Please fill out our request for service, and a staff member will call you with more information, or contact us directly at or

Give it the attention that it deserves by contacting our handymen regarding our fast drywall repair services. Periodic maintenance also falls under the general class of home repairs. These are inspections, adjustments, cleaning, or replacements that should be done regularly to ensure proper functioning of all the systems in a house, and to avoid costly emergencies. Home repair involves the diagnosis and resolution of problems in a home, and is related to home maintenance to avoid such problems.

Stop struggling with windows that won’t close, windows that are cracked, or windows that are otherwise damaged. Contact Mr. Handyman today to learn more about our repair Commercial Asbestos Removal Brisbane services or to request an appointment. If your sink is leaking or if water damage has caused problems with mould and mildew, it is time for you to call Mr. Handyman.

It contains all I need to do projects around the house. I love the leveler that will make projects must easier to complete. Was pleasantly surprised to open this kit to see all the tools it contained. It included tape measurer , hammer, nails , scissors, wrench etc .