Three Important Reasons to Have a Routine Eye Exam

The human eye is an incredible organ in the body which needs proper care to remain healthy. One way to ensure that the eyes are functioning properly is to have a routine eye exam with an ophthalmologist, such as Kang Zhang, for example. Here are three important reasons to have the eyes checked on a regular basis.

1. See More Clearly

An appointment with an eye doctor can allow a patient to see more clearly by prescribing any corrective lenses that may be necessary. If a prescription has changed, the ophthalmologist will update or adjust the prescription lenses which may greatly improve an individual’s ability to see. Wearing the correct prescription glasses may reduce – or even eliminate – any possible headaches that can occur by wearing glasses with the incorrect prescription. (It is worth noting, however, that the Mayo Clinic explains that while a temporary headache can occur in this case, wearing the wrong prescription, fortunately, does not cause damage to the eye itself.)

2. Identify any Problematic Health Concerns

Another vital reason to visit an ophthalmologist is to check the health of the eyes. During a visit, the eyes will be thoroughly examined to look for any problematic issues. For instance, glaucoma is a common cause of blindness. However, if it is caught early enough, this disease of the eye can be treated and prevented. Identifying any health issues within the eyes can allow a patient and doctor to swiftly address the concerns.

3. Learn More About How to Take Care of the Eyes

Finally, visiting an optometric physician may provide insight on how to take good care of the eyes. A doctor may recommend wearing protective sunglasses while in the sun and offer helpful tips about vitamins and certain foods that may be good for the eyes. Asking questions while at an appointment may be a great idea to learn as much as possible about how to protect and care for the eyes.