Things To Do When You Feel Tired After Treatment From Suboxone Addiction

Suppose you or your near one is under the supervision of suboxone treatment centers Providence. In that case, you are absolutely on the path to recovery, provided you follow all the measures as prescribed. While the medication is safe, some patients may experience a few side effects, especially when starting their medication-assisted treatment program.

When in the early phase of the treatment, individuals may feel tired. The desire to fall asleep slowly fades away once you and your suboxone doctor find a proper dosage. Meanwhile, here are a handful of things to do if you feel tired after availing of the treatment.

Take Nap

It is essential to nap as it helps you feel a lot better if struggling with suboxone-related tiredness. To get most of your nap, here’s what treatment for suboxone addiction Providence recommends.

Keep it short

One should aim to nap for about 15 minutes. Else, you may feel more grogginess after some time.

Nap in the early afternoon

Taking rest after 3 pm may interfere with your sleep at night

Develop an optimal environment

Find a quiet and comfortable place where there are zero distractions

Give a transition

Give yourself some time and spend it with yourself

Exercise for a healthy life

Apart from mental wellbeing, you need to ensure that the body is undergoing physical activity. In fact, physical activity is a great way to boost your energy. Exercises increase your blood flow and heart rate. This equally helps you to feel more awake. While undergoing treatment at the suboxone treatment doctors Providence, if you’re feeling a bit sleepy, you may take a quick walk or do some stretching.

Deep Breaths

Breathing exercises can be performed anywhere. In fact, if you feel too tired or stressed out, taking a deep breath will calm down your mind. Also, this is an excellent alternative to boost your energy and help your brain wake up. If you feel like you’re being dragged down, sublocade doctors recommend finding a quiet or an unused corner to perform simple breathing techniques.

  • Sit straight, rest your arm and close your eyes
  • Inhale deeply through your nose
  • Take several deep breaths
  • Exhale fully
  • Repeat for about 30 seconds

Specific Activities You Should Avoid

Sublocade treatment doctor prescribes medication that may cause drowsiness. Therefore, you should avoid activities that require a high level of alertness. Some of these include driving a car or operating machinery. It’s better to catch a ride with someone else instead of going yourself. Likewise, if you want to understand the medication, search “suboxone doctors near me.” You get details on all the remedies provided by suboxone doctors.

Eat Healthily

Snacks that include sugar give you a quick energy boost. However, it is followed by fogginess and lethargy once the blood sugar runs low. Healthy food provides better energy, allowing you for the long haul. Some of the food items that our sublocade treatment doctor suggest include

  • Celery or wheat crackers with peanut butter
  • Yogurt sprinkled with fruit or nuts
  • Baby carrots and hummus

Finding The Right Treatment Center

If you or your near one plans to go for a recovery process, connecting with the nearest suboxone clinic is the best way to kickstart the process. Sleepiness and fatigue are some of the common signs of opioid abuse disorder; getting quick help can sort out things.

You can search in Google “suboxone centers near me” about the nearest clinic for continual medical supervision. Regarding the sublocade cost or the overall treatment in suboxone centers, you don’t have to worry. These institutions accept insurance.


Recovery is essential to lead an everyday life. Getting help is just a phone call away. Get in touch with experts and lead a healthy life.