The Secrete Of Life-Long Sobriety from Addiction

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Dealing with addiction comes with many additional responsibilities. And that’s why many people relapse because they couldn’t cope with such dire duties when they are deprived of their coping mechanism. When people go through the withdrawal phase, the will to stay sober partially ends at some point. But then comes the responsibility of staying clean no matter how dire the situation may be. For a person who has been numbing their feeling with drugs, facing all these challenges after being done with suboxone treatment doctors is very difficult, but not impossible.

Many people have successfully come out of the grasp of addiction, so it shows that it is possible if one stays on track. We know that it is easier said than done. That’s why we have come up with some of the best ways to stay sober recommended by ex-drug addicts.

Recognize Signs

The best way to prevent yourself from relapsing after getting treatment from suboxone doctor Attleboro is by making yourself aware of the symptoms of relapse. Don’t let relapse sneak up on you, learn how to stop yourself from giving in to the urge. If you witness any o the below signs, it’s a sign you are about to relapse:

  • If you start to think about the drug and getting into addictive thinking patterns.
  • Meeting people who were associated with your addiction habits more
  • Rationalizing with self why taking drugs is a logical thing to do.

 Coping with PAWS

PAWS stands for post-acute withdrawal syndrome, and it can last from 6 to 18 months. A seemingly long time for people who are already on the edge. The symptoms of PAWS are a variety of bodily and psychological reactions and happen to people depending on their addiction duration, type, and severity. You may start to feel irritated, agitated, sleep-deprived, angry, anxious, etc. Only recognizing these signs won’t be enough you will also determine when to get help from sublocade doctors. If PAWS has become too much to bear then seeking out a medical professional would be best.

Celebrate the New Life

You won’t have to deprive yourself of the things you used to love, just the ones that can trigger a relapse. You can give yourself a treat every now and then for small achievements like going out for a bite, getting a dress or shirt, etc. Make sure to have the sublocade doctors near me on your speed dial, just to be sure.

Set a Personal Target

No one wakes up and suddenly decides to become an addict, situation and people urge people to take such destructive steps. So, naturally, you must have some targets in life. Why don’t you give it a try? If you have decided to take control of your life, try to achieve those targets once more. These targets won’t have to be dramatic, just something that is important enough to keep your mind off of relapsing thoughts.

Work to Be Healthy

Abusing drugs or any other substances damage one’s body. So along with working for better mental health, try to become physically fit. Adapt a healthier lifestyle by discussing with local suboxone doctors and try to come up with a daily routine. Including exercise, eating healthy food, drinking enough water or fluids, and getting enough sleep would be enough.

Spend More Time with Close Ones

Addiction takes a lot of things from a person and the most valuable thing it takes is the bond you share with your family and loved ones. Hence, using the time away from rehab for rebuilding the trust and closeness with your family would help a lot. You will feel loved and support, which are often the only thing a person needs to beat addiction. But if your social circle consists of drug consumers, it will be better to stay away from them. Spend the most time with those who understand your past and support your presentation.