Going to the dentist is the weirdest thing I’ve done in 2021

Dentist working on a patient's teeth.

You know things have changed when you’re terrifed of the dentist, and it has nothing to do with the drill. 

I’ve been trying to stay home for the majority of the pandemic, but a toothache brought me to the dentist last week. I’ve been to the doctor a few times since the pandemic started, but this was the first time I’ve removed my mask in a building that wasn’t my home. I felt naked and strange. And not only did I take it off, I opened my mouth for the dentist and hygienists, and little droplet I saw made me anxious. I was so glad they were wearing face shields on top of their masks. 

We often refer to the current COVID-19 era as “the new normal,” but I’ve found myself both adapting to all the changes and feeling startled by them. My appointment made me wonder how we’ll adapt back to a post-pandemic world. We’ll be feeling the effects of COVID and our great losses long after it’s over, in ways great and small. It won’t be an easy re-entry.