Follow-Up Care after the Teeth Lightening Treatment

Teeth lightening is not a solitary, one-time, or an irreversible
procedure. If you see yourself consuming considerable quantities of
teeth-staining food and drink, then your teeth will start
tarnishing within a month or so.

Even if you stay clear of such food or beverages, after that within a year
or thereabouts, you will certainly need a follow-up teeth
whitening treatment or at the least, a touch-up.

So here are a couple of suggestions and techniques that will aid you maintain
your teeth as white as possible for the longest period of
time …

– Clearly, prevent food and rinks that discolor the teeth.
Stay clear of black tea, strong coffee, etc as well as if you should consume
them, after that do make use of a straw.

This will certainly pass the fluid straight right into the craw,
by-passing the teeth. By doing this, you can have your cake and also
eat it also.

– Feel free to comb as well as floss promptly after you
eat such drinks and food. Sometimes, that’s not
possible. So at really the very least, rinse as well as gargle after you
take in teeth staining food and beverages.

If you go to a restaurant or a celebration and also are incapable to
rinse, do so the minute you obtain house.

– Daily as well as normal dental health is essential. Brush your
teeth twice a day, floss at the very least when or better still,
two times daily. Not only will you get rid of the gunk out, you will
additionally keep your teeth white and healthy.

– Utilize a teeth lightening tooth paste once or twice a week

Ask your dental expert and also follow-up on the touch-up