Factors online portals use to compare health insurance plans

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Getting health insurance is an essential component of healthy living. Insurance plans not only help you in paying bills in case of illness but also assist financially for routine check-ups. Many health insurances promote healthy living by giving incentives for no claim during the insured period, usually a year. But the biggest hurdle is a flood of confusing choices in insurance plans. This is where some online portals can be helpful. These websites are a great way to get your private health cover sorted. You can specify your requirements and get a detailed comparison of the policies that can cater to your needs. You get a clear idea of what exactly a plan offers and also about the hidden policies that can increase your expenses and waiting time more than expected. Here are some prominent factors used by these websites to provide you an analytic comparison report.

  • Type of health insurance policy

Once you enter your requirements in detail, these portals will find similar plans which meet your specifications. You can choose plans from a wide range including personal insurance, family floaters, senior citizen plans, and maternity plans, etc. After making your choice you can see different plans which are similar but have individual pros and cons. With all the information in front of you, the comparison becomes easier.

  • Background of the insurance company

You can also get technical reviews and experience shared by other policyholders from the same company to understand their services. It is easier with these websites to compare different companies and their reputation. A well-reputed company is an assurance of quality service in itself.

  • Hospitals included in the network

The utility of a health insurance policy is realized the most in case of hospitalization. You have to make instant payments for bed, room, treatment, and medications. If the hospital is added to the insurance company’s network, it means the two organizations are co-ordinated. This makes payment processing faster and hassle-free.

  • Customer service

Medical emergencies can occur anytime and you should be able to reach your insurer in the time of need. Comparing portals also describe the quality of customer service provided by the insurance company for the plan you choose. This helps you better understand the plan and company that are more reliable and will be 24/7 present to help you.

  • Initial waiting time

Most insurance policies come with an initial waiting period. This parameter is important as your insurer will not entertain any claim during this period except in case of an accident. The comparison web portals give you an overview of the waiting time you would have for different plans.

  • Premiums and sub-limits

The web portal also gives you a comparative report on the premium you will have to pay and the sub-limits allowed with the plans. Sub-limits include bed charges, room charges, and doctor’s fees for visits. You can find a policy with lowest premium and higher sub-limit.

  • Age limits

Taking a policy for older people is a daunting task. Such policies often cost more and also have more exclusions. For that reason, you need to find a policy that does not apply age-limit for renewal and serve you lifelong.