Do a Handstand – How to Learn It Fast

In a world in which we need to be active daily if we want to be healthy, we need to come up with routines that will keep us engaged all the time. Some people opt for jogging, others like to bike, but some are more into home exercises.

If you’re one of these people, then we recommend doing the handstand. If you want to know how to do a handstand properly, you need to learn everything there is about it. Be aware that improper attempts may lead to serious injury. Especially if this is your first since you were a child and it was coming to you naturally.

In this article, we’re sharing our knowledge on doing the perfect handstands. After this article, you’ll easily see the world from upside-down and enjoy the view. However, before you give your first attempt, make sure you read everything through and be aware of the important stuff!

Warm-up is crucial

Warming-up is essential for everything that is connected to putting your body under pressure. Our bodies are made in a way to withhold serious pressure, but if you want to achieve their full capacities, you need to make them prepared for the challenge.

We are just part of nature, and if we try to go against it, we’ll simply break into pieces. This is why you must do warm-up exercises that will make your joints, muscles, and tendons ready for the upcoming task.

There are lots of exercises that you can undertake to prepare yourself for something bigger like doing the handstand. Some of the basics are stretching and doing circles with all your joints. Activate the elbows and the joints on your hands. Do this for a minute or so and make sure all parts of your body are relaxed and ready to take on the pressure.

Start with pressure before doing the real deal

Before getting with your hands on the ground, it’s better if you start with pressure on your joints on the wall. Push a little on the wall like you’re trying to move it. This will put pressure on your hands and joints preparing them for the real deal.

When you feel like it’s enough, then you’re ready to do the same thing vertically. Remember that what you experienced with the wall is basically the same thing you’re about to do with your hand upside down. It’s nothing different so you have nothing to worry about.

Get help by the sofa first

To prepare your body for going in an opposite direction than it is used to, you should first start with the horizontal exercise. For this, you will need a bed or a sofa. Put your hands on the ground and your legs over the sofa.

This is going to create a feeling that is similar to when you’re doing the actual handstand. The pressure on your joints will be smaller, but this is a great way for them to be accustomed to what you’re about to do next.

When you’re in that position, lift one leg while keeping your hands on the ground. Hold it like this for a few seconds then get it back. Do the same with the other leg. This will show you how it’s going to look like when you’re doing the real deal, without experiencing any of the dangers.

Make sure you have a yoga mat

When you’re done with the exercise, it’s time to get some rest. Don’t do everything fast because you will exhaust your hands and joints. The first time is the hardest and you don’t want to get them sore right at the start.

To be sure that you don’t have too much pressure on them all the time, it’s best to get yourself a nice yoga mat to help you during the exercises. The softer and thicker it is, the better for this exercise. It will act as a tamper zone between your hands and the hard surface of the ground. See the options and choices you have when yoga mats are in question here.

Use the wall for your first attempt

It’s best if there’s nothing around you when you’re doing this. If you happen to fall, you should be sure that there’s nothing to hit while falling, so you don’t hurt yourself. The only that you should have around is a firm wall that will act as support.

Get on all four. Palms and feet on the ground. Push yourself backward. This will get your body going up and behind. Make sure the wall is behind you to get your feet and keep them up there.

The greatest problem with the first attempts of doing the handstand is to maintain balance. Your body is not used to be in the opposite direction of gravity, and we never walk on our hands, so we don’t know how to keep balance on them.

The wall is there to hold you and make sure you don’t fall and hurt yourself. Even if you do, though, the yoga mat will soften the fall. If you manage to stand with your feet on the wall, then more than half of the job is done.

Stand away from the wall

When you’ve done this, it’s time to step away from the wall. Do just a little push with your feet, and see yourself standing upward on your hands. Maintain the balance and make sure your legs are up. If you manage to do so, then congratulations – you’ve performed the handstand.

Don’t worry if you fall a couple of times. This is entirely normal for everyone. No one was born with the ability to stand on their hands. It will be hard at the beginning but becomes easier and better over time.

Once you manage to get hold of the situation, you’ll be ready for more difficult exercises and more complex situations. This is an excellent exercise for everyone who wants to have control over their health. It burns so many calories and that’s why people love it.