9 Awesome electronic beauty care gadgets

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The convergence of technology and beauty industry has completely changed the landscape of aesthetic procedures. Gone were the days where people were just reliant on a cosmetologist for skin care routine.

Now, many electronic beauty care gadgets exist to facilitate the patients and experts, both. Whereas some procedure still entail a visit to the best dermatologist in Lahore, most routine skin care operations can be done with the help of electronic devices. Following are 9 such must haves:

1 Facial Epilators

Facial hair are a bane of existence for all women, especially those with dark hair. While shaving and bleaching are also viable options, they cause problems of their own like itching, pain, bumps etc.

On the other hand, facial epilators are much more user-friendly alternative. Epilation also pulls out the hair follicle from the roots, so you do not have to epilate very often. It also decreases hair growth over time.

 It also does not need any other paraphernalia unlike other hair removal techniques like waxing and shaving. Epilation is also more flexible because it works for very tiny hair as well, unlike waxing which can only be done beyond a certain hair length.

Face epilators are also not very expensive either. In less than $20, one can get good quality face epilators from trusted brands like Tomiya and Philips.

2 Smart Hairbrush

Hair are an essential part of our beauty and hair care is thus very important. Smart hair brush by the beauty brand L’Oréal has revolutionized this entire process of tending the hair.

The brush has many important features. Running it through the hair gives the damage assessment of the hair. It measures the frizzes, split ends etc. in the hair.

Moreover, its smart sensor also takes note of the progress of the hair routine and gives feedback regarding which hair care product is better.

3 Micro-needling kits

Micro-needling has been gaining prominence and popularity. Whereas the conventional method has reliance on a cosmetologist to perform this procedure, electronic gadgets have been introduced that make it easier for people to carry out this technique on their own.

The George Louise Hollywood ECG Micro-needling and Ion Infusion Kit is one such convenient device that allows for micro-needling. This procedure is great for remedying dull skin and improving the skin texture, fine lines and overall appearance of the skin.

The EGF serum that the device comes with provides nutrients to the skin and nourishes it well!

4 Facial cleansing devices

Gadgets like Clean smart facial cleansing device ensure that the fundamental practice of cleansing is carried out in the right way. This electronic cleanser uses heat and vibration to clean the face and facilitate the better absorption of skin care products.

5 Hair Remover and Exfoliator

Hair removing is an entire art unto itself. It is important to prepare the skin before and after the removing. Exfoliation is also an important part of this endeavor, as otherwise, the chances of in-grown hair are heightened.

Hence, new sophisticated shavers like Kinetic Smooth Hair Remover and Skin Polishers are very convenient. One head of this device allows for shaving whereas other head is for exfoliation.

6 Light Therapy

LED therapy uses the interplay of differing wavelengths for the treatment of different skin conditions. Most often, red and blue lights –the two ends of the spectrum – are used for the treatment of skin ailments.

Red light is used to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin whereas blue light is used to treat acne. LightStim for Acne is a dermatologist endorsed device that can be safely used by most.

7 Massagers

Facial massager helps to improve blood circulation to the face, and thus rejuvenates the skin. Kairetool Essential Matte is one such multifaceted massager. It also comes with other features like acupressure and de-puffer for multiple benefits.

8 Steamers

Steaming the face allows for pores to open up and relieve the dirt and dead skin buildup etc. and also softens the blackheads. It also helps improve circulation to the face. Steam also promotes production of skin proteins and better absorbance of skin care products.

Dr. Dennis Gross’ Pro Facial steamer is one such trust streamer.

9  Micro current devices

En vogue is also the micro current technology. It is a noninvasive technique to uplift the skin. The devices used in this technique sends out current to help in the creation of skin proteins, elastin and collagen.

 These proteins are important for keeping the skin taut and dewy. Microcurrent devices are ideal for the aging skin as with age, the production of skin protein reduces, therefore the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines increases.

A popular choice is the NuFace Mini facial toning device. However, these devices do not replace the in-clinic experience with  best dermatologist in Islamabad, as the effect is rather minimal.