7 Wedding Gift Rules Wedding Guests Should Go By

Have you received an invitation to one of your friend’s wedding and are wondering what gift you should get them? Choosing the right gift for a wedding could be more difficult than choosing what you will put on. Fortunately for you, here is a guide to basic wedding gift etiquette that will ensure your wedding couple enjoy your gifts, whether they’re Silver and Pewter Gifts or helpful furniture and your presence.

Rule 1: Give Them Something Meaningful

Expensive isn’t always better for a couple getting into wedlock; instead, a well thought out present will be of greater value. Consider the couple’s unique interests, hobbies, personalities and then think about a gift that will reflect their tastes.

And if finding them a suitable physical present proves difficult, consider gifting them with an experience, like tickets to a live concert or comedy show, or book them a getaway weekend to the beach. According to research, experiences that are given as presents are often linked to more positive feelings as compared to material gifts since they create a lasting memory.

Rule 2: Offer Something That’s on the Gift List

Wedding gift lists that are put together by the couple are a sea of ideas and could save you all the agony and stress that comes with determining what to buy. It is quite common for these lists to contain day-to-day household items such as a kettle, toaster, or a dining set. Such functional gifts are a great option for couples who are about to move in together or have just moved in, and following the list will ensure you don’t get them what they already have.

Rule 3: Give Some Money

If the couple said that they want money, to top up to their honeymoon fund or have requested that you donate to a charity, it is just good etiquette to respect what they wish. Besides, you can sit calm knowing that your gift will be accepted and not returned to the shelf.

Rule 4: Carry Your Gift Accordingly

Be sure to transport the gift items appropriately, for instance wrapping the fragile items with bubble wrap. The last thing you’d want is for the dinner set you bought for the couple to get broken as you get to the venue.

There is often a box or table where the couple picks all their cards and gifts – be sure to include your name of the gift card and tag so they know it was from you. If your gift is too big to fit on the table, like a piece of furniture, it would be a good idea to have it sent directly to the couple’s home.

Rule 5: Do Not Give Gifts the Couple Doesn’t Want

If the newlyweds do not want gifts, it is just a good gesture to respect their wishes. For some people, having your presence at their big day is more than what they could ask for. Rather, you could give them a card with a few good wishes written down and ask them to come over to your home after their honeymoon.

Rule 6: Give Your Gift Even if You Won’t be Attending

What should you do if you received the couple’s wedding invitation but are not in a position to attend the wedding? First, the most polite gesture from you would be to RSVP immediately. But, just because you won’t be in attendance doesn’t mean that you can’t get the couple a wedding gift. In this case, a well thought present will soften the blow of you not attending, and you could have it sent to their home or hand it over directly the next time you meet.

Rule 7: Gifts are an Option

Various wedding etiquette professionals have different views regarding whether or not giving a wedding gift is compulsory, but after all, the definition of a gift means that the giver freely wants to do so. All gifts should have a positive intention; not the intention of repayment.

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