Day: November 30, 2019

30/11/2019 Off By Jason Butler

Top 5 High Grade Seeds You Must Try!

While buying high grade seeds of a particular trait help to grow and cultivate strains of the plant with characteristics of your liking, its important to choose from the most authentic dealers and high grade seeds that will possess all the best qualities. Here are the top 10 highest THC seeds available in no particular order.

1. The Blueberry Strain

The Blueberry strain is a favourite for so many reasons. The flavourful combination of sweetness and vanilla with blueberry of course engulfing you with the beautiful aromas of berries and pine. This strain has high concentrations of THC as well as CBD which work wonderfully when it comes to relieving tension, migraines and even numbing pain. While growing it, remember that it needs space for its horizontal growth. And if you haven’t grown before, this strain is easy to work with.

2. The Durban poison

The Durban Poison strain is … Read More