The drug has been the main problem in Orange County, which leads to many unintentional injuries leading to many people’s death. Drug overdose has cause more death through motor vehicle crashes. Drug usage has been growing.

In Orange County, opioid (Drug) abuse or overdose was to treat at the emergency departments. With the growing number of deaths, it has led to a very serious question of the Causes of taking drugs Orange County ?

Orange County has a supervisor’s board in the year 2017 that has accepted the grant of Naloxone doses to bring the reverse effect of opiate overdose. The purpose of distributing the Naloxone doses was to save people from a drug overdose.

Growth of the drug overdose visits to ED (Emergency Departments)

The drug overdose visits to the emergency department visits have grown at a higher rate. With the growing overdose, many of the cases were heroin poisoning and opioid overdoses, making them admit to the hospital.

In the number of admits for overdose, males were in large number in comparison to females. Many belong between the age group of 18 to 34. It has also lead to a large number of deaths.

Reason to take drugs

Drug use has been a dynamic issue that starts for several reasons. Many reasons led to the use of drugs by people, whether it is an illegal drug or the prescribed one. Here are a few reasons why Orange County people intake drugs:

  1. Death grieving

People often got depressed with the death of their closed one, which breaks them into pieces. This causes more stress, and the lonely feeling makes you take the drug path and makes you addicted to it.

  1. Relationship problem

This is mostly observed between the youth and middle-aged when they get heartbreak due to their relationship problems or relationship ends. This is a reason to have drugs.

  1. Mental illness

The growing issue in one’s personal lives cause more stress and harm your mental health, leading to many serious issues like depression. This leads them to the path to intake drugs.

  1. Peer Pressure

With the growing peer pressure, a youth takes steps towards drugs. As many youths were observed taking drugs, and they forced their friends to consume them, which is observed not only in Orange County but everywhere.

  1. Experimentation

Few people intake drugs to have experimentation as they are very much curious to have it.

  1. Trauma

Sometimes, the past or present trauma like accidents, abuse, and other things makes it harder to recover from your trauma; you take the help of drugs.

  1. Boredom

As many youths are unemployed, this led to boredom and caused the intake of drugs.

  1. Enhance performance

Some intake drugs to enhance their performance as through drugs, you feel more energized.

  1. Ignorance

This has been the main problem for drug intake. When you feel ignored and doesn’t get any attention, this automatically led you to intake drug.

  1. Financial burdens

Everyone comes across a time when they face financial issues, and this causes them more stress. They find drug intakes give them relaxation and stress-free for that particular time and intake it.

These are the few reasons which causes of taking drugs Orange County, which creates more demand for the drugs even if they know its wrong side, but people don’t hesitate to intake it.