The One Expert Tip That Can Help You Achieve Your Target Weight Effortlessly

Weight Loss Tips: The One Expert Tip That Can Help You Achieve Your Target Weight Effortlessly

Weight loss tips: Shift your focus from weight loss to how you fit and active you feel


  • Change your ‘why’ if weight loss has been difficult for you
  • Track your progress on the basis of how active you feel every day
  • See how well your clothes fit you and the improvement in your digestion

Weight loss: No matter what goals you are seeking to attain in life, if the reason behind them, or the ‘Why’ behind them is not strong enough, then you will face a lot of difficulty in achieving it. So, if losing weight has been more difficult than you could imagine, then you probably need to change the ‘why’ behind it, asserts celebrity nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal. “Every year-end my office is busy with queries of people wanting to lose those last few kilos, fit into that dream dress, and achieve the ideal Body Mass Index (BMI). And my only advice to everyone is to be more ambitious with their health and fitness goals,” she writes in the caption of her post.

Weight loss: How to achieve your target weight?

If you have been struggling a bit too much to lose weight, then maybe changing your ‘why’ can help in making it easier. For instance, weight loss cannot be a goal to just look good. One tends to lose sufficient amount of kilos even suffering from a condition like typhoid or thyroid and even depression. However, that shedding of kilos is at the cost of muscle loss, weak immunity and overall body weakness as well.

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So, instead of seeing progress on the weighing scale, you can probably aim towards seeing progress on how well you clothes fit you, the improvement in your digestion, or even better, how well do you feel after following a healthy diet and lifestyle.

“Change your ‘why’. If your ‘why’ is strong enough, then the rest will follow,” says Ganeriwal in her Insta video.

She goes on to add that you should change your perspective from “How can I lose 10 kgs in so and so months” to “How can you get fitter to live an active lifestyle, age gracefully and die majestically”.

“It is only then that you can live on for the next 50 or 60 years without putting a burden on yourself and everyone else,” she explains.


Change your ‘why’ if you want to lose weight timely and effectively
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Here are some handy tips for successful weight loss that you can bank on:

1. Give your body the time to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. If The weight that you have gained over a period of two or three years is not going to go in a month or even three months- at least not when you want to achieve sustainable weight loss.


2. Work towards being consistent, for both following a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Avoid having days where you cheat in either them. Celebrity fitness trainer Vinod Channa says that the body doesn’t work towards your desirable target if you have breaks in between. You need to eat healthy and exercise regularly consistently, on a daily basis to get results effectively.

3. Do not follow calorie-restrictive diets or diets which recommend you to give up on one or two food groups like carbs or fats. Such diets put you at the risk of nutritional deficiencies, increased cravings, mood swings and much more.

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4. Sleep well, for seven to eight hours, every day. It is the most important factor losing weight on time. Your sleep quality and quantity can also affect your immunity and exercise performance.

5. Take less stress and quit smoking and drinking alcohol. Stress can wreak a havoc on your health, fitness and weight. Smoking and drinking alcohol are habits that do no good to your body.

Most importantly, shift your focus from the weighing scale to how you feel physically and mentally in life. If you feel better, more active, less lethargic and much more positive, then that is real time progress for which you should actually appreciate and even reward yourself.

(Munmun Ganeriwal is a nutritionist, Fitness Expert and Certified Yoga Teacher)

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