Signs, Complications, and Recovery- All You Need To Know About Alcohol Addiction


Addiction is a complex, serious, and stable situation that needs to be addressed more severely. The thing is, addiction can happen with the consumption of any type of substance. Therefore, it becomes all that more difficult to keep tabs on someone or also on yourself. Alcohol addiction is such a habit that needs to be addressed on a serious note.

Being alcoholic doesn’t happen overnight as it takes days to create a habit and then ultimately an addiction. And that’s why answering these questions to yourself is important to identify if you need to search for the best suboxone treatment centers in New Bedford or not:

  • What causes a person to be an alcoholic?
  • How many drinks a day is considered an alcoholic?
  • Is someone who drinks every day an alcoholic?
  • Am I looking for excuses to drink?
  • How many times have I drink the previous month?

Signs of alcohol addiction

You can easily learn if you or a loved one is suffering from alcoholism or not by identifying some signs and symptoms. This way you can seek help from suboxone centers near me at the earlier stage. You have alcohol addiction:

  • If you are constantly increasing the quantity of drinking as well as the frequency.
  • If you are immune to hangover and gaining high tolerance.
  • If you are drinking at unfitting times and places. For example in the morning or afternoon or in the church or workplace.
  • If you are constantly attending parties, going to pubs, or visit any places that host drinking opportunities and actively avoiding places lacking such opportunity.
  • If you are changing your social circle and befriending those who drink a lot.
  • If you are depending on drinking to function in day-to-day life.
  • If you are getting engaged in illegal things like drinking while driving, fighting with strangers, etc.
  • If you are facing problems due to drinking at work and home.
  • If you are refusing to get suboxone treatment for your drinking problem.

If most of these question’s answers are affirmative, then you are most definitely on the verge of alcohol addiction.

Health complications related to alcohol addiction

Like any other overuse of substances, alcohol is also severely dangerous for our health. Doesn’t matter, if you have just started drinking or have been a long-term alcoholic, your body is bound to have some sort of negative reactions. Some symptoms might be mild and not very damaging but some can easily make your situation fatal. Health complications like:

  • Ulcer
  • Heart diseases
  • Sexual inabilities
  • Bone loss
  • Heightened cancer risk
  • Birth defects
  • Vision complications
  • Weak immunity
  • Liver disease

If you are continuously drinking even after suffering from these health conditions, then there should not be any confusion regarding your addiction status. You need to seek suboxone treatment in New Bedford as soon as possible.  Early treatment is a must when it comes to addiction; as much as the person will delay they are essentially inviting more health problems.

Recovery from alcohol addiction

The only way a person can recover from addiction is by self-control and proper treatment by medical professionals. Because the addiction didn’t happen in a day, there is also no quick fix for it. No matter how strong the sublocade shot, you cannot recover from alcohol addiction miraculously. The person will have to be put in a:

Rehab- Only at rehab they will be away from addiction and all the temptations. The patient might be at the rehab from 1 month to 1 year. This way they can handle the withdrawal symptoms as well as learn ways to prevent relapse. In such a relapse, they can avail quality treatment from sublocade doctors near me and also avail through mental counseling.

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