10 Pictures Of Britt Baker Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before

Britt Baker has taken the women’s division of AEW to a different level with her character work, charisma, and in-ring skills. She is certainly one of the best talents of the company and has now become the most popular face of the women’s roster, especially after her impressive title reign as the AEW Women’s Champion.

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As a heel, Britt Baker is mean and opportunist on TV, but she is completely different in real life. Besides being a wrestler, Baker is also a real-life dentist, making her DMD gimmick legit. Some of these unusual pictures of Britt Baker would give an idea about her personal life.

10 Original DMD

Adam Cole Britt Baker

Britt Baker studied at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, and she graduated with a degree in 2018. Therefore, her DMD character is based on her real-life achievement. She is a dentist and keeps her employment office closed on Wednesday due to AEW Dynamite.

In this picture, Britt Baker is doing her job as a dentist and the patient is none other than her boyfriend and fellow AEW wrestler, Adam Cole.

9 With CM Punk

Britt Baker CM Punk

CM Punk returned to the wrestling business last year, which a myriad of fans thought wouldn’t be possible. CM Punk has not only brought more ratings but also delivered some good matches and segments. He also shares a good bond with most people in the AEW locker room.

The DMD of AEW is snapped with The Best In The World in this picture. Britt Baker is smiling like a fan, considering Punk is an idol for most fans of her generation.


8 Competing In NXT

Britt Baker in NXT

Britt Baker once competed on RAW against Nia Jax. While it is a known fact to many people, the lesser-known fact is that she also competed in the developmental brand NXT back in 2018. She faced Shayna Baszler, who was having a feud with Kairi Sane.

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This picture is showing Shayna Baszler dominating Britt Baker. The Queen of Spades is twisting the left arm of Baker, and the latter is screaming in agony. Baker wrestled as an enhancement talent in WWE, and she failed to land a full-time contract.

7 New Year Celebration

Britt Baker Adam Cole New Year

Adam Cole and Britt Baker are one of the most famous couples in the world of professional wrestling today. They met on a dating app when they were living in Pennsylvania. The duo began dating in 2017 before Cole signed for NXT and before AEW even existed.

This is an amazing picture of Britt Baker and Adam Cole, which is showing the strong relationship bond between them. They are celebrating New Year, while there are fireworks in the background.

6 Indies

Britt Baker indies

Britt Baker started her wrestling career in 2015. She began her career wrestling in IWC. In fact, Baker was the first-ever IWC Women’s Champion, and she won the belt twice in her career.

This picture is from the early days of her wrestling career. Britt Baker is holding the IWC Women’s Championship, possibly after winning the gold.

5 Aftermath Of A Battle

Britt Baker Tony Khan

Possibly the greatest match in AEW women’s history took place on an episode of Dynamite last year. Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa collided in an unsanctioned Light Out match. It was also the first time women main-evented an episode of Dynamite. The match was eulogized by the fans and critics because Baker and Rosa took each other to their limits. There was bloodshed at the end of the match.

This picture is the aftermath of the match. A bloodied Britt Baker is seen with Tony Khan and the production team after the bout.

Britt Baker at football game

Most wrestlers are also football fanatics. It’s common to see wrestlers attending football games. Besides football games, they also love attending other sporting events. The DMD of AEW also loves following football matches.

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It is a picture of Britt Baker at a football game for her home team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. She is looking great in casual attire.

3 Family Picture

Britt Baker and family

Britt Baker is billed from Pittsburgh, and her family is from Pennsylvania. While Baker is a dentist, her brother is a surgeon.

This is a beautiful family picture of Britt Baker. She is attending her brother’s graduation ceremony here. Besides her brother, Baker is also accompanied by her parents who are certainly looking proud.

2 Work Out With MJF

Britt Baker and MJF

Whether in WWE or AEW, wresters take care of their bodies to be at their peak while performing. Britt Baker has a good physique, and it’s not hard to guess that she puts a lot of effort in the gym.

This is an awesome picture of Britt Baker with her AEW peer and one of the more popular wrestlers of the company, Maxwell Jacob Friedman. They are both flexing their muscles in a gym.

1 At The Nick Cannon Show

Britt Baker Nick Cannon

Wrestlers appearing on talk shows isn’t something new. But not many AEW wrestlers get invited to shows, as it is relatively a new company and yet to get mainstream exposure. However, Britt Baker has done it.

This picture is from The Nick Cannon Show. The DMD showcased some moves for Nick. In the end, she trapped the host in the Lockjaw.

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