September 27, 2023


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What to do when your dentist can’t solve the problem

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Dr. Richard Greenberg

Q. I’m hoping for some advice. I have a molar that has been falling out since October.  The back molar prepared temp fell out after three days. A crown was put in two weeks later, and it fell out after three days. Each time I ate soft food. It was built with bond that fell off in three days. The special bonding filling fell off in three days. I paid $650 for half of a crown. Insurance won’t pay any more. I am on a fixed income, retired, age 72. Help — E Jane

Dr. Richard Greenberg

A. I do have advice and it is going to be rather strong and direct.

Unless you have a specific reason to not follow what I am about to say, I would ask for your deposit back and leave the dentist. (If you do, take your records and any films with you for the new dentist. Those records and films legally belong to you).

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