February 9, 2023

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Sinus Infection Remedy Using Energy Therapy – Qigong

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Biophysics research strongly believes that the human body is a ball of energy field and if this field is weakened or disturbed, this imbalances can adversely affect the body’s natural immune system.This field is disturbed when the body is infected with bacteria or virus and sinus infection can be caused by an allergy or infection due to bacteria or fungi and you can try energy therapy as one type of sinus infection remedy to cure your sinus.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses many types of energy therapy to correct such imbalances. One type of energy therapy is qigong which can affect and direct the qi in our body for medical benefit. Qi as Chinese defined is the energy that flows through all living things and the flow must be in the right balance for good health.

Using qigong as one form of sinus infection remedy, a medical qigong practitioner will emit their own qi to sinus sufferers to restore qi flow to their internal organs, immune systems and meridians. The practitioner will lightly touch the affected areas or simply pass his hands over the body, on the basis that energy fields from the healer can interact with energy fields the sinus sufferers.

At present, China is the only country to marry Western with traditional Chinese medicine as complementary therapy for various health disorders and qigong can be used as one type of sinus infection remedy to cure your sinus. A patient who had chronic sinus, after several qigong sessions, his chest cleared up, cough and phlegm disappeared. During such sessions, he felt his whole body heating up and his abdomen and neck area would be flushed with a warm sensation.

Using qigong as a sinus infection remedy is one of the best sinus home remedy you can try, but it is advisable to consult your doctors before embarking on any type of non-conventional treatment.

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